Immediate Implants

It’s always stressful when you need to have a tooth removed.

The thought of having a gap, or having to rely on a denture, which is difficult to tolerate, or a poorly retained bridge which may come out and cause embarrassment, leads many people to look at dental implants as an alternative.

Immediate dental implants are a great solution to replace missing teeth. You may have been told that the treatment time could be up to 9 months and that you’ll need to rely on a denture, or bridge, whilst everything heals.

This is obviously not ideal if the tooth is at the front of your mouth.

If you’re suitable, our advanced implant procedure can reduce your treatment time by around 5 months and avoid the need for a denture.


What you need to know

Our advanced immediate placement implants offer numerous benefits:

- Significantly reduced treatment period (by around 5 months).
- There is evidence to suggest it keeps gum levels more stable over time.
- It's much more comfortable than other traditional techniques.
- You can often avoid a denture completely.

This treatment is not always the best solution to your missing teeth. If there is infection present, or the bone will not favour an immediate implant, then we revert back to more traditional techniques and you will need to manage with a temporary solution in the interim.

You may consider immediate implants if you have been told that one or more of your teeth will need to be removed in the near future, and you wish to avoid wearing temporary replacements for the missing teeth.

If you're anxious about treatment, we also offer sedation to make your treatment comfortable and worry-free.

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