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Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are the ultimate denture stabilisation option. Using dental implants, we can secure your dentures firmly, meaning no more need for denture creams, no more ulcers and sore spots and no embarrassing moments. Dental implants are small titanium cylinders placed into the jaw bone, on top of which we can place attachments to fix your dentures securely into the jaw, meaning you can talk and eat with almost the same effectiveness as your natural teeth.

The main reason people opt for this procedure is the quality of life and confidence it gives them. Dental Implant retained dentures will feel like a natural part of your body – you will be able to eat the kinds of food you wish and speak, laugh and socialise without compromise.

Another major advantage to using dental implants for denture stabilisation is that we can make the denture much smaller, with less of a palate. This, in turn, improves the wearability of the dentures and improves the taste of food as less of your mouth is covered.

Dental implants can be used to secure full and partial dentures.

Nigel Hargreaves our Implant Surgeon has placed over 5000 dental implants with a success rate of over 98% so rest assured, you are in good hands.

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Implant Over-dentures

An effective, but relatively inexpensive solution to retaining dentures is to place just 2 dental implants, with a ‘press stud’ type arrangement on top. The denture has a fitting which houses the clasps that fix onto the implant, holding it securely and firmly in place.

The denture can still be removed for cleaning and sleeping, but at all other times it will feel solid and will allow you to chew the foods you love with no fear of embarrassing moments where the denture slips . Nobody will know that they aren’t your natural teeth.

Implants and Bars

Another option for stabilising dentures is the use of bars under the denture.

We place 3 or 4 implants which are then connected with a titanium bar. The denture fitting surface has a corresponding arrangement that literally slides onto the implant and bar apparatus, holding the denture very firmly in place.

This option allows for the palate to be cut away in the upper denture and simply use a horse-shoe shaped design. With the palate uncovered, patients often find their speech is less affected by the dentures and food tastes better.

Bars allows for a very stable base and a secure and solid fit of the dentures. This method also restores up to 90% of your chewing power when compared with standard dentures, so that you can enjoy more of the foods that you love.

Full Arch Bridges

The best option for replacing you dentures altogether, and the closest thing to getting your natural teeth back, is to have a full-arch fixed bridge on dental implants.

At The Old Spire Dental Practice, our experienced implant surgeons work closely with our dental technicians to give you the best fitting, bespoke implant denture solutions available. If you have loose dentures that are painful and sore to eat on, and you struggle to keep them in, then why not speak to us today about this revolutionary option for replacing your dentures?

The whole procedure can be completed in one day – we can place your implants and place a full, fixed, permanent arch of beautiful, natural looking teeth, which you can eat on immediately.

It’s amazing the difference one day can make!

Fixed teeth on implants function just like natural teeth, restoring your full chewing power and you don't take them out on a night, or to clean them. They are fixed permanently in place so that it is only you who knows you have implants. One of the main benefits of this option is that you can enjoy a full and varied diet with no restrictions.

This is a genuine long term option that also helps to preserve the bones in your jaw, and with care, these teeth will last a lifetime.

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