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An Introductio To Dentures

The average age of the UK population is increasing as people are living much longer. One of the inevitable side effects of this is that elderly people lose teeth for a variety of reasons including illness, accidents, or insufficient care.

One solution for missing teeth is Cosmetic Dentures. This is a relatively cost-effective solution to the problem of eventual tooth loss and should be considered as a viable option if this problem starts to affect your life. We understand the impact that losing teeth can have on the quality of life and we know it can affect your confidence, alter your facial appearance and interfere with eating.

At The Old Church, we routinely use dental implants to secure loose dentures, and we can even replace your dentures completely with a full mouth of teeth, fixed in place that look, behave and function just like your natural teeth – even you would struggle to know they were not your own teeth!

Attention to detail

We offer solutions that are attractive and natural looking. We use some of the very best denture teeth available, tinted with natural looking colours to mimic real teeth and they are gender specific to ensure they complement your overall facial profile.

At The Old Church, we work closely with highly experienced dental technicians to ensure that the gums and pink areas of your denture are detailed and textured for comfort and optimal aesthetics.

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