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Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are useful for when you have had extractions at the front of the mouth and don’t wish to appear without teeth for several weeks whilst your gums heal and your dentures are being made.

An immediate denture is a best fit denture that is made before you have any teeth out. The dentist will then extract any teeth as required and the denture can be placed immediately in the mouth to ensure that at no time are you left without teeth.

The purpose of the immediate denture is to make sure you always have teeth in your mouth so from a cosmetic point of view – people don’t notice any difference in your appearance after extraction of your natural teeth. After approximately 3 months, your gums will heal and usually they shrink back a little as they do so. This will then require that we either reline your immediate denture to make it more stable, or we construct a new denture. It’s up to the individual which is the best route for them in this instance.

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