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Swiss Dentures

People who have been without their teeth for a long period of time often find that the jaw bone will physically shrink and flatten out.

This can cause problems with retaining a denture, or keeping it in place. This is especially an issue in the lower jaws where there is no palate to brace the denture across to keep it stable and retentive. Loose dentures can be very upsetting as they cause problems with eating, chewing and speaking and can also cause pain by rubbing and ulceration.

Swiss Dentures take a scientific approach to denture provision, based on a lifetime of research by Professor Gerber, at Bern University. Swiss dentures focus specifically on the function of the dentures. This is a good solution for experienced denture wearers who have a trouble with the retention of the lower denture due to the ridge being flat, with no features to help keep the denture stable.

Making swiss dentures

Providing this type of denture involves time from both the Dentist and the patient, in order to understand the bespoke wants and needs of that individual, and to ensure that the new denture accommodates those wishes.

Swiss dentures always involve taking a primary impression, and an individual functional impression – this is an impression which allows us to see how your jaw moves and operates to help create a balanced, well fitting denture. Using this type of impression, the teeth on your dentures can be positioned to ensure optimum comfort when the dentures are in use. The aim of this process is to create a denture that stays in place, even on a flat ridge, and makes chewing and eating easier. This in turn leads to a better quality of life and a happy patient!

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