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The Inman Aligner
Straight teeth in around 12-16 WEEKS

If you’re sat there reading this, wishing you had a beautiful straight smile but don’t want to wait 12-24 months for it, we may just have the solution for you.

The length of time required to straighten teeth is a big barrier for many. And that is exactly where the Inman aligner is KING. The incredible aligner technology applies low, gentle and constant forces to your teeth and aligns them on an average between 8-16 weeks.

Think about that for a second, a straight smile in only 4 months!

The Inman aligner works exceptionally well if you’ve had braces before in the past and have had a relapse.

It’s not suitable for everyone, which is exactly why we offer a free consultation to assess your suitability.

Dr Pav was asked why he liked the Inman aligner so much and his response says it all

‘Quite simply when used appropriately, it is the absolute most effective way to straighten the front teeth. There are subtle tricks I’ve gained experience with over the years using the aligner so I get predictable and fast results. Also who wouldn’t want a straight smile in around 4 months?!’

Dr Pav has extensive experience with the Inman aligner and intricately knows when and how to use the appliance to ensure safe and predictable results.

The cost of the Inman aligner is £1750 per arch and finance solutions are available to spread the cost to ensure your new smile suits your budget

In order to maintain quality control, Dr Pav undertakes a limited number of these kinds of treatments. So, if you’d like a free consultation to see if we can help and when we can start, contact us today.

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