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Quick Straight Teeth

Do your teeth stop you from smiling?

Do you want straight teeth and a perfect smile quickly?

Do you want an affordable option to straighten your teeth?

If the answer is YES then Quick Straight Teeth™ may be the answer!

Not everyone is born with a perfect smile, however, almost everyone can enjoy the benefits of Quick Straight Teeth™ – one of the the fastest and least invasive ways to straighten your teeth and give you that movie star smile, without the movie star price tag.

You need not fear wearing our adult braces, ‘train tracks’ are not the look we go for!

The Quick Straight Teeth™ system uses either clear brackets and tooth coloured wires, or crystal clear aligners, making the braces virtually invisible in the mouth. Most people won’t even know you are wearing braces at all and treatments can take as little as 6 months to complete. With an option to suit everyone, Quick Straight Teeth™ can restore your confidence, boost your self-esteem and give you a beautiful smile.

Quick Straight Teeth™ has been designed by Orthodontic Specialists to overcome four of the major factors that stop people getting orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth.

Case 1

This female patient was particularly unhappy with an upper tooth, that appeared pushed back from the others and the general crowding of all her front teeth. We fitted a Quick Straight Teeth, fixed brace for 6 months and now she loves her smile.

Case 2

This lady very much disliked two teeth that were biting the wrong way around. She wore a QST fixed price to correct her bite over a period of four months. During this time the lower teeth were also straightened to give a beautiful result.

Case 3

This lady was very unhappy with an in-standing incisor that gave the impression that she had a missing tooth. As a result she was very embarrassed to smile. She opted for a QST fixed brace that she wore for five months. She now loves to smile and show off her straight teeth!

Unlike other treatments

The Quick Straight Teeth™ system has been designed by orthodontic specialists to overcome four of the major factors that stop some people from wanting an orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth.

QuickStraightTeeth™ has been designed by Orthodontic Specialists to overcome four of major factors that stop people getting orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth


Due to low laboratory fees and quick treatment times, Quick Straight Teeth™ invisible braces are one of the most cost-effective adult brace systems. At The Old Spire, we offer no compromise on affordable clear braces for straightening teeth.


Our braces are tooth-coloured, and blend in to appear nearly invisible in the mouth, giving you straight teeth, but without ugly, bulky braces. Most people will be unable to tell you are wearing Quick Straight Teeth™ invisible braces at all.


Getting a beautiful straight smile is fast! Treatments for teeth straightening take between 4 and 24 weeks depending on complexity. Quick Straight Teeth™ clear braces concentrate on only the front teeth and therefore take less time than conventional orthodontics.


Our braces have been designed to ensure optimum comfort for patients. Your clear braces will look discreet, feel comfortable and with most of our products coming from 3M, you can rest assured that we are the gold standard in orthodontics.

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