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Smilelign Clear Aligner Technology
A beautiful smile without fixed braces

Here at The Old Church Dental Practice, we love helping our patients attain a smile they are proud to show off. We always look for effective and safe ways to help you achieve your dream smile.

Have you ever wished for a beautiful, straight smile? Or have your teeth become crooked again after you stopped wearing your retainer?

We may have the perfect solution for you.

You may be sat there thinking how you’d love to have beautifully straight teeth, but don’t want to have fixed train track braces. Well, what if I told you there is an exceptionally discreet method to align your smile without fixed braces? Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

You’re in luck. The technology exists and since we love helping people attain confidence in their smiles it’s available at The Old Church Dental Practice.

Dr Pav Khaira is extensively experienced in using clear aligner technology to straighten smiles.

In a recent interview, he was asked why he uses Smilelign ‘It’s quite simple. I have control over the tooth movement. Smilelign gives predictable results and they are the clearest aligners I’ve ever used. What more could I ask for in an aligner system?! I’ve used some aligner systems in the past which have been unpredictable due to lack of control I have over the movement of the teeth. That’s a problem I just don’t have with Smilelign. I love it. My patients love it’

The following animation outlines how clear aligner technology works

In order to maintain control and ensure the highest quality, we restrict the number of cases we start each month. If you’re fed up of crooked teeth and want a beautiful smile, call us to arrange your free consultation to see how we can help and how soon we can get started. Join the growing number of our clients who are loving their straight smile!

Smilelign costs between £999-£2000 per arch depending on the complexity of tooth movement required. We also offer finance solutions to ensure your new smile suits your budget.

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